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January 4, 2022

Australian student visa- Tran Danh Hoang Anh

EMK Global Vietnam congratulates Tran Danh Hoang Anh on obtaining an Australian student visa for the Foundation Program + Bachelor of Business at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

Full name: Tran Danh Hoang Anh

Year of birth: 1998

Place of birth: Bac Ninh

Country issue: Australia

Visa Type: Student Visa

Visa Duration: 22/07/2016- 15/03/2021

School: Flinders University

Campus: Adelaide

Course: Foundation Program + Bachelor of Business

Let’s read a couple of lines shared by Hoang Anh about the application process to gain more experience!

Hello everyone, my name is Tran Danh Hoang Anh Minh born in 1998 from Gia Binh, Bac Ninh.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to EMK Global Vietnam for helping me prepare my application to study in Australia. I know about EMK Global Vietnam through my aunt and this time I am very happy because I have put my trust in the right place to get this dream result. When I started thinking about studying abroad, I was consulted very carefully and I met directly with the representative of the school and I decided to choose Flinders University. The process of making my application also took a lot of time. Because I am not yet 18 years old, I still have to apply for a homestay. During the time waiting for COE, I send a text message everyday to EMK staff who directly guide me to do an admission application. Finally, the day I have COE also comes… Having COE and then the day of applying for a visa I was too worried because I didn’t have a school report. and the original high school diploma. But by the time I reached the place to talk to the person who received the visa application at the VFS office, I was no longer worried.

I was not yet 18 years old so I was not interviewed, but my financial sponsor or mother was interviewed, which made me more worried. At that time, I was in the process of studying for the 12th grade graduation exam, studying and worried at the same time including the visa interview. Fortunately, my application was not interviewed. After 24 days of waiting, I got the visa on July 22, I was in the gym, I left my phone outside the table. So there were a few missed calls from my mom and the EMK team. I immediately called my mom back and she said “you have a visa” but I didn’t believe it was real and my I said she just told me what baby :mom said “you have a flight schedule” Making a study abroad application is one thing. Everyone, always remember the saying “persistence will lead to success.” I hope you guys who have plans and are doing study abroad applications, don’t be as impatient as I am. !!! Follow the instructions of the person you trust, I believe that luck will come to you…????????????

Finally, I would like to thank Bridge Blue for helping me fulfill my dream of studying abroad in Australia

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