EMK Global Student Referral Program

“Refer a buddy!” 😍

Do you know that you can earn by helping your buddies enrol in their favourite program in Australia?

EMK Global Education Team is pleased to announced our incentive program that gives you a chance to earn money while you help your buddy. How cool is that?

Simply refer your friends to us! We will guide them throughout the admissions and student visa extension process if required.

If you want to refer more than one friend, please indicate it in the comment box or fill out this form again with your other friend's detail
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About Us

EMK Global Pty Ltd is a leading expert in the field of international education and migration. Our head office is located in Sydney, Australia and we have offices in Adelaide, Vietnam and Pakistan.

It’s essential to find a program that will allow you to stay on track for your career, learn valuable skills, and provide you with experiences and opportunities that will enhance not only your understanding of your field of choice but also the world at large — all of which can be a pretty tall order!

The team of experienced professionals at EMK Global design tailored plans for individual students to guide them in the most suitable direction according to their requirements in order to help them reach their greatest aspirations.

Contact us today for expert advice on:

  • Study in Australia & New Zealand, Canada, UK, Singapore, Europe, etc
  • Free Career Guidance, Scholarship Hunting & SOP statement assistance
  • Free Admission processing to your desired school
  • Most affordable Student Health Insurance (Single/Couple/Family)
  • Post-landing services: Airport Pick-up, Accommodation, etc
  • Professional Year, Internship & Study Tour Program
  • Migration & Permanent Residency Pathway to Australia
  • IELTS/PTE/NAAT/CCL Coaching for international students