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Professional Year Program

Professional Year Program

Professional Year Program is a practical pathway from college or university to employment that ensures the international graduates are job-ready. PYP equips the international students with practical work skills and training required to enhance their career aspects.

Professional Year Program provides international students in Australia post accomplishing graduation from a recognized university a formal education and practical workplace experience. This is a one-year program and is presently obtainable in Accounting, Engineering and IT domains. As the demand of skilled graduates in relatively high in these fields as compared to other sectors.

Do you want to know one of the keys to success? Continuous learning and personal development in the answer. Taking the time and effort to improve your current skills sets and qualifications is one of the best ways to succeed in your chosen career. This is why at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants, we are encouraging you to sign up for the Professional Year Course so you can boost your employability through valuable work experience, obtain more qualifications, improve your skills, knowledge, understanding of your chosen profession, understand the Australian workforce culture and enhance professional communication skills.

You may register in your dream Programme at one of our branches, Professional Year Program Adelaide or Perth. Here we ensure that you, post completing your graduation get equipped with all the necessary practical skills to become job-ready in the competitive Australian work place.

What are the Benefits Of PYP?

The candidates can enroll for Professional Year Accounting, Professional Year IT and Professional Year Engineering courses for a better future ahead. A candidate will be benefited in numerous ways post Professional Year Course completion:

– A professional year graduate will be entitled to 5 points under skilled occupation as set by Department of Home Affairs

– The internship will enhance your practical skills and boost your employability chances in Australia

– You get an idea of professional communication and how to act within workplace

– Gain the precious work experience in an Australian organization

What is The Basic Eligibility Criteria for PYP?

An individual to be eligible to enroll in the Professional Year Course has to meet the following criteria:

– Should be an accounting, engineering or IT graduate from Australia

– Must hold a Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485)

– Must be below 50 years of age

– Must have the skills Assessment if required

– Must have a score of 6 bands

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