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Offshore Partner Visa (subclass 309/100)

Offshore Partner Visa (subclass 309/100)


EMK Global

Benefits of the visa 309 & 100

  • Visa 309:
    - Live, work and study in Australia for two years
    - Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want
    - Attend free English language classes provided by the Adult Migrant English Program if you are eligible
    - Apply for access to Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare
  • Visa 100:
    - Live, work and study in Australia indefinitely
    - Sponsor eligible family members to come to Australia
    - Apply for Australian citizenship if eligible


  • Visa 309:
    - You must have a sponsor (husband/wife) when you lodge your application. You and your sponsor must meet relationship requirements
    - You must be 18 or older at the time of lodging a visa
    - You must be outside Australia at the time of lodging a visa and receive the decision
  • Visa 100:
    - You must hold a temporary partner visa (subclass 309)
    - 2 years must have passed since you applied for the combined 309 and 100 visa for you to be assessed for the permanent visa. If you were in a long-term relationship or your sponsor held a specific visa before you applied, you might be granted the permanent visa within less than 2years
    - You must be in the continuing relationship with your spouse unless the relationship has been ended under special circumstances

Visa Fee Charge

  • The visa costs fromAUD 8,850.00for the main applicant for the combined 309 and 100 application
  • There is also a charge for each family member who applies for the visa.

Processing Time

  • Visa 309: 90% of applications processed in 23 months
  • Visa 100: 90% of applications processed in 27 months

Last Updated: 3 November 2023

Your Obligations

  • 8502: Not arrive before person specified in visa
  • 8515: Must not marry or enter into a de facto relationship before entry

How to Apply for an Australian visa?

  • Step 1: Complete the Visa Application Form via the online IMMI Account
  • Step 2: Gather your documents (identity, relationship evidences, etc)
  • Step 3: Include your family members (if applicable)
  • Step 4: Pay the Visa Application Fee
  • Step 5: Complete the Visa Application Form for the sponsor via the online IMMI Account
  • Step 6: Complete the Health examination
  • Step 7: Prepare for the interview by the Immigration

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to get in touch with one of our agents, they will be more than happy to share their wisdom.

My visa has been refused, how do I apply for review of the decision?

If your application is reviewable, your notification of the refusal decision will contain information regarding an option to apply for review to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

My relationship with my Sponsor has ended or changed what do I do?

Depending on your situation you may need to complete the Notification of Relationship Cessation form in ImmiAccount

My partner and I are in a same-sex relationship. Can we apply for a Partner Visa?

Australia allows same-sex relationships so same-sex relationship can apply for a partner visa.

I have a substantial criminal history in the past. Can I still apply for a Partner Visa?

To eligible for this visa, you cannot have a substantial criminal record and/or been convicted of a relevant offence.

Can I request a priority in the processing time of my Partner Visa Application?

A Partner visa application might be prioritised where you can demonstrate compelling and compassionate circumstances. There is no guarantee that your application will be given a higher priority as other applicants might have equally or more compelling and compassionate circumstances.

My partner and I have not lived together for 12 months. Do I meet the requirements?

If you are married or have registered your relationship in Australia, you may be able to overcome 12 month living together requirement

I was previously sponsored by my partner and got permanent residence. However, our relationship ended. Could I sponsor my new partner?

Yes you can. You can be a sponsor for a maximum of two times and you have sponsored another partner within the last 5 years or you were sponsored as a partner within the last 5 years

Can I travel to Australia while waiting for the decision of my 309 visa?

Yes you can travel to Australia while waiting for the decision of your 309 visa by applying a visitor visa

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