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January 4, 2022

Australian student visa- Nguyen Phan Thanh Trang- Le Cordon Bleu, Australia

EMK Global Vietnam congratulates Nguyen Phan Thanh Trang on obtaining an Australian student visa for the course package: Advanced Diploma of Hospitality (Patisserie) + Bachelor of Business (Food Entrepreneurship) at the prestigious school Le Cordon Bleu, Australia.

Full name: Nguyen Phan Thanh Trang

Year of birth: 1991

Place of birth: An Giang, Long Xuyen

Country issue: Australia

Visa Type: Student Visa

Visa Duration: 20/06/2016- 15/03/2018


Campus: Adelaide

Course: Advanced Diploma of Hospitality (Patisserie) + Bachelor of Business (Food Entrepreneurship)

Let’s listen to her share when she has already received the Australian student visa

“Hello everyone, my name is Nguyen Phan Hanh Trang, born in 1994 from Long Xuyen, An Giang.

Before sharing my current feelings as well as some personal experiences when applying for a visa, I would like to thank EMK Global Vietnam for helping me prepare my application to study in Australia. I know EMK Global Vietnam via Facebook from the group pages related to Australian visas, and I feel very fortunate to have put my trust in the right place. I, my family and EMK have made great efforts to complete the application. and achieved good results like today.

Because I live in the West, and EMK Global is in Hanoi, I was initially worried about the distance between the two sides because I couldn’t work with each other directly. It is really a coincidence to know that one of the EMK staff who is the person who directly handles the application for me, she is the one who gives me more motivation and determination to continue pursuing the path of travel. At first, we just talked by phone and facebook messages, but I felt that she was very enthusiastic and felt secure when she consulted about my case, so I decided to”cooperate” with her to get a visa to study in Australia. During the process of making profiles, I only worked by phone and facebook, but the effect was very high. Initially, I was already oriented to Lee Cordon Bleu, so it didn’t take long for me to choose a school. It took me 2 months to apply for a COE, Mr. Trung advised and showed me how to make documents to prove my finances as well as explain my records properly. After having the school’s COE, applying for a visa is an arduous process. I go to Australia by SVP stream so I don’t need to prove my finances, but on the other hand I have a big problem with Gap, after graduating from high school I didn’t go to university and spent 3 years doing many different jobs. I’m quite worried about the Gap explanation, but thanks to EMK’s professionalism and dedicated support, everything seems to be very reasonable. I think my application will definitely be interviewed, so after submitting the visa application, I am anxiously waiting. While waiting for the interview, I also practiced a lot with EMK staff. I watched the Study Plan over and over again. A week later, on Monday morning, I heard the sensational news from EMK “I passed the visa and then didn’t need to interview”. Oh my god, at that time, when I was selling things with my mother, I was excited to jump around and hug my mom so tight. Going through this arduous process, I hope those of you who are applying to study abroad stay calm, optimistic and always remember that miracles are real vs whoever is always trying. Especially, find a professional, reliable companion to reach the door to study in Australia like EMK Global Vietnam!

Once again, I would like to thank EMK Global vietnam for accompanying me during the past difficult time (although in the past 5 months we have worked together a lot, but I don’t know any of you…hehe)..thanks all !! !”

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