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January 4, 2022

Australian student visa- Mai Hoang Anh- Bachelor of Nursing- Newcastle University

EMK Global Vietnam congratulates Mai Hoang Anh on obtaining an Australian student visa for the Foundation Program + Bachelor of Nursing at Newcastle University, Australia.

Full name: Mai Hoang Anh

Year of birth: 1998

Place of birth: Hai Duong

Country issue: Australia

Visa Type: Student Visa

Visa Duration: 20/06/2016- 15/03/2021

School: University of Newcastle 

Campus: Callaghan, Newcastle

Course: Foundation Program + Bachelor of Nursing 

Let’s read a couple of lines shared by Hoang Anh about the application process to gain more experience!

Never has the road to my dream been so fast!

The dream of studying abroad came suddenly, it just formed in me half a year ago, right on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, when I went to wish the two of my uncles New Year and witnessed my sister’s phone call from Australia. At that moment, I wanted to transfer to Australia to experience what my sister had just talked about. But a dream is just a dream, because when I start working, I really don’t know where to start! At that time, I was very tired and was about to give up! Because I was just a student in a small province, my parents did not have a stable economy, even at that time I did not know what IELTS was, what was a visa…. It’s too hard for me :(((

Then by chance through an ad about an Australian study abroad seminar on facebook, me and my family decided to ask for study abroad consulting companies, instead of making the application yourself! Originally, EMK Global Vietnam was not my choice! I have a list, there are 4 companies to study abroad, and I decided to go to each company one by one to listen to their advice and then make a decision! The company I originally targeted was an ICO, because that time they advertised for free teaching IELTS for students up to 5.0! But until the end, my stop is EMK Global Vietnam. Instead of advising me to switch to Medicine or Economics like other study abroad companies, they say Nursing has a lower visa rate, the EMK team still advises me to follow my initial choice! Although it is only a small point, it is enough to prove that EMK is confident enough to help me face difficulties! And I made the right decision, now I have a visa to study Bachelor of Nursing, after going through many difficulties with the help of lEMK team

Everything, from applying for a letter of invitation to a visa, I just need to submit documents for consultants, practice interviews, wait, wait and wait! Waiting for a visa in a nervous and anxious mood, because I’m 18 years old, I don’t have IELTS yet, and my household registration is on the blacklist ???? So I was 100% prepared for an interview call from “Monster”_the number of the Australian consulate I kept in my phone! 1 week, 2 weeks, then 1 month, 1 and a half months, haven’t seen any movement!!!! The feeling at that time was that I wanted to burn, wanted to hug a triple bomb, and ran back to the Embassy.

I was in a bad mood and was thinking of failing my visa!! Although I was reassured, advised and still practiced for interviews, I was very tired at that time. For nearly 2 months, there was no news from the consulate, I thought my opportunity this time was lost. ! And then on a beautiful day, every hot sun =)))) I received a fateful phone call from EMK staff to inform me that I have a visa!!!!! At that time, I thought it was too hot, I was delusional!!!! No interview, yes, no interview but got a visa!! And since then until now, I have to say that there is no medicine to control my hyperactivity!!!! Fun, very fun, very, very fun!!!

My family and I are very grateful to EMK Global Vietnam. Thanks to your enthusiastic help, my dream and many other international students have come true!!! Once again, I would like to thank EMK for being with me all this time!!!! ^_^

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