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December 29, 2021

Australian student visa- Phan Thuy Huong- Scholarship 20% ~ 140 million VND La Trobe University

EMK Global Vietnam congratulates Phan Thuy Huong on obtaining an Australian student visa for the Master of International Development at the prestigious LATROBE University, Melbourne with a 20% scholarship (equivalent to about 140 million VND)

Full name: Phan Thuy Huong 

Year of birth: 1993

Place of birth: Ha Noi

Country issue: Australia

Visa Type: Student Visa

Visa Duration: 31/05/2016- 30/08/2018

School: La Trobe University

Campus: Melbourne

Course: Master of International Development

Scholarship: 20% Tuition Fee

Let’s listen to her share when she obtained an Australian student visa:

“First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you at EMK Global Vietnam. Thank you Ms. Khuyen for your enthusiastic advice to help me orient my studies and schools. And Mr. Trung for supporting me and my family in financial proof. In particular, I would like to Ms. Phuong for caring and following me closely during the preparation of the application. And Mr. Thanh who took me a picture which I guess is very beautiful :))))))

I would like to share a little bit about the process of preparing a visa to study in Australia. Before coming to EMK Global Vietnam, I had researched and asked for advice about studying abroad at many other centers. However, in the end, I still decided to choose EMK to accompany me in the process of making my dream of studying in Australia come true due to the professional working of EMK Team :-* :-* :-* -* 

Next July, I will go to Australia to study a 2-year Master course in International Development at Latrobe University. I really like to learn about Development, but my previous major at university is not very relevant (I studied at Diplomatic Academy, majoring in International Economics) and my average score is not very good. Hence, the way to get a scholarship is quite difficult. The EMK staff also encouraged me a lot and advised me to give it a try. Before that, I planned to go to school in the February intake, but the preparation of the application was interrupted due to busy work. Thanks to EMK team’s urging, I returned to focus on preparing the application. The preparation of documents is also quite fast and professional. The EMK team reviews my application and reminds myself  to prepare and submit additional required documents. At the beginning of April, I received an admission letter from the school and I am also very happy that I was offered a scholarship of 20% of the tuition fee.

At the beginning of May, I applied for a visa and anxiously waited for a call from the Embassy. The center sent me a set of questions that the Embassy may ask if I am interviewed so that I can have more time to prepare and also correct some questions to make my answer sound more reasonable. The center also provides very detailed instructions so that my interview practice becomes much simpler. Two weeks have passed, I am very nervous and worried because I have not received a call from the Embassy. With timely encouragement from EMK staff and family, I feel more comfortable and less worried. On May 31, EMK team texted and called me repeatedly asking “Where are you? Why don’t you leave the phone open, what if the Embassy calls for an interview?” But I can’t receive it because my phone’s battery is dead. When I turned on the phone, I just thought “Okay, this is done!”. I immediately called the EMK team, after a while of threatening =.=, she informed me that my application was approved and granted a visa. I’m happy, my heart jumps out of my chest :))

Currently, I am preparing to pack my things so that I can fly to beautiful Australia in July. I have advice for those of you who intend to study abroad, have an early orientation and set yourself a very specific and clear roadmap to strive for and equally important, to find yourself a job. a mentor, a dedicated and professional companion like EMK Global Vietnam.

Once again, I would like to thank EMK Global Vietnam. Wishing you all the best of health and happiness :)”

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