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December 29, 2021

Australian student visa- Nguyen Van Thuyet- Scholarship 20% ~ 140 million VND

Year of birth: 1993

Place of birth: HAI DUONG

Country issue: AUSTRALIA

Visa Type: Student Visa

Visa Duration: 05/2016- 08/2018


Campus: SYDNEY

Course: Master of international Business  

The place of birth: Hai Duong; graduated with a major in banking and finance (4 years) but would like to apply for a master’s program in International Business.


First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to EMK Global Vietnam for helping me prepare my application to study in Australia. Actually, I know the company through a friend who just obtained a visa to Australia in March who introduced and recommended me to work with EMK Global Vietnam center. Therefore, I am very determined to ask the staff at the center for advice and help. Although I had researched and compared a few places before, I have not decided which center to choose. Right now, I’m really satisfied with my choice. By the way, allow me to say thank you to my friend. (Message: Thank you my bro. Thanks to you, I chose a center that is both reputable and meets the needs of international students, selecting course and school, and application processing.)

About choosing a course and school, I think that I have chosen a course that cannot be more suitable than at a prestigious school for quality training in Australia, which is CQU. At first, I planned to choose the Master of Finance course which is relevant to my major at FTU. However, the course is pretty expensive and many subjects I have studied at Foreign Trade School, so I feel this course is not really practical for me. I wonder if I should choose which course is more suitable? In that situation, I seek the advice of EMK staff. After reviewing my work profile, the center introduced me to the Master of International Business course at CQU and then I was consulted very carefully about this course. I feel immediately interested in it, because it is very suitable for what I have experienced at work and future career goals. Moreover, fortunately, I was offered a 20% scholarship by the school, so I feel very happy and proud of myself. This is also thanks to the center for helping me edit my essay perfectly and convincingly so that I can get a scholarship easily.

Regarding the preparation for the visa interview, I found that the processing center is very satisfactory. I could not imagine what the interview for an Australian student visa was like, I was quite confused and worried. However, because the Australian visa policy at the moment is quite supportive, I also feel somewhat reassured. In addition, the center also provides very detailed instructions so that my practice becomes much simpler. In the days of practicing for my interview, I was very nervous and worried about not knowing when the Embassy would interview me. With timely encouragement and encouragement from the staff and family, I gradually felt more comfortable. Finally, I went through the most difficult time during my journey to get the ticket to Australia, which was passing a stressful 25m48′ long interview with well-deserved results. I think that if I have the will, I can do anything, but in order to do it completely and perfectly, I need a really capable and dedicated “Master Adviser”. That is the center of EMK Global Vietnam.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to EMK Global Vietnam for accompanying me during the past time. And a message to those of you who are and will intend to study abroad, especially to study in Australia: Choose for yourself a “Master Adviser” who understands the study abroad market and is as competent as EMK Global Vietnam. They will help us achieve our goals and succeed on our career path.”

Thank you!

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