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December 29, 2021

Australian student visa- Hoang Thi Van

Year of birth: 1991

Place of birth: HAI PHONG

Country issue: AUSTRALIA

Visa Type: Student Visa

Visa Duration: 04/2016- 3/2019




EMK Global Vietnam congratulates Hoang Thi Van on obtaining an Australian student visa for her bachelor’s degree program in nursing at Flinders University – a very famous school in Australia for the Health and Medical sector. Van wants to apply for a specific course so her profile is partially limited, which worries Van. She questions about the opportunity to get a ticket to study in Australia. However, both Van and EMK Global Vietnam tried their best to achieve good results today. EMK Vietnam wishes you a successful study and a lot of experience on the path you have chosen. Your future successes will be the biggest encouragement for EMK Global Vietnam!!!

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Hello everyone, my name is Hoang Thi Van, born in 1991, I live in Hai Phong, I got a visa to study Nursing after nearly 2 months of applying at EMK Global Vietnam center. Today I want to share with you some of my experiences and feelings during the application process. Actually, after planning to study abroad in the Nursing area, I was very confused as to which study abroad center to choose for the safest, I researched many places, received advice from many people… . finally one of my friends introduced me to EMK Global Vietnam. That night, I called and was advised by Mr. Trung very enthusiastically and gently. I feel like it’s a good opportunity for me. I answered a lot of questions about the application process. I am quite old and have worked for more than 3 years. From my point of view, my profile is not very good, but after listening to this advice and analysis from BB, I feel much more hopeful. I discussed it with my dad right away, but he wanted me to work with his acquaintance. I have tried to learn more about EMK Global and know that this is a reputable company for many years and a direct representative of many Australian schools, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The special thing is that the company has many offices in different countries. After a few days of researching and talking with the center’s consultant. She is not only enthusiastic but also very emotional. She was also an Australian international student, so she understands the general mood of each student and gives very useful advice. After talking to her, I love and trust her more and more. Rather, I really want to cooperate with her, with EMK Global Vietnam. In the end, I decided to ask the staff in the BB office to convince my parents. After 2 days, my father also believed and the next day, we went to Hanoi to submit the application.

At first, I still felt confused and insecure, but when I started working, BB’s professionalism and dedication made me really feel secure and lucky. They guided me from step to step enthusiastically, from applying for an invitation letter, transferring tuition fees, making visa documents, preparing for an interview (by practicing many times with me in advance)… Thanks to careful preparation and after 13 days, I was interviewed by the Embassy in 15 minutes. They did not interview too much due to the Study Plan detailed by the center. I had a student visa just after 2 weeks, at that time many worries disappeared and were replaced by a strange feeling of joy and relief. Currently holding my passport to Australia, I really want to send my deep thanks to EMK Global center, and want to give everyone a little piece of advice that the study abroad journey must go through many different steps. And choosing a study abroad center is an important first step in your journey to study in Australia. The application for a visa needs a lot of different factors, especially a good experienced company that will help you decrease the risk profile to reach your dream fastest and safest. I feel really lucky that I took the right first step. Hope everyone achieves their goals and dreams!

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