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March 6, 2024

Everyone dreams of living or studying in a country as diverse and vibrant as Australia. What sets it apart is not just the breathtaking landscapes but also its robust education system, offering not only academic excellence but also a plethora of job opportunities for international students. The cherry on top? The prospect of obtaining permanent residency (PR) in Australia. If you’re contemplating the easiest pathways to PR, stay tuned as we unveil the top 10 courses leading the way in 2024.

1. Engineering

Australia’s demand for engineering professionals continues to soar across various fields. A Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) sets the stage, leading to postgraduate opportunities and eventual PR through visas like 189 or 190. With an average starting income of AU$62,715, the field promises lucrative returns.

2. Accounting

An expanding industry, accounting in Australia offers a swift PR route through the Accounting Professional Year Program. This program, lasting 44 weeks, integrates classroom studies and internships, aligning with the General Skilled Migration program.

3. Computer and Information Technology (IT)

Global demand for IT specialists remains high, and Australia is no exception. Courses in Computer Network and Systems, Cyber Security, and Software Engineering open avenues for international students seeking PR.

4. Education and Teaching

With a rising demand for skilled educators, completing education and teaching courses paves the way for PR in Australia. Opportunities include roles like pre-primary school teacher, vocational education teacher, and university lecturer.

5. Nursing and Midwifery

Australia’s expanding population fuels the demand for medical professionals. Nursing courses, covering areas like surgical, community health, and midwifery, present a viable PR pathway. A skills assessment by ANMAC is a prerequisite for PR in nursing.

6. Medical Courses

Pursuing medical courses in Australia, such as Physiotherapy and Neurosurgery, not only offers a fulfilling career but also lucrative prospects. The Medical Board of Australia evaluates eligibility for international medical graduates.

7. Dentistry

Studying dentistry in Australia, with programs like Bachelor of Oral Health, opens doors to exciting employment prospects and PR. The high average pay makes dentistry a rewarding career choice.

8. Hospitality

Australia’s thriving tourism sector creates opportunities for PR through hospitality courses. From baking to hotel management, these courses, coupled with work experience, enhance the chances of permanent residency.

9. Plumbing

Addressing Australia’s demand for plumbers, plumbing courses at TAFEs or universities provide hands-on training and a clear path to PR. Over 5,500 PR positions are anticipated by 2025.

10. Building and Construction

Enrolling in a Building and Construction course not only equips you with construction skills but also offers extra points for PR. Roles like carpenter, project manager, and builder become accessible after completing the course.

Annual Salaries

CoursesAverage Annual Salary (AUD)
Computer and IT89,994
Education and Teaching80,264
Nursing and Midwifery61,971
Medical Courses2,77,421
Hospitality45,000 to 169,000


Embarking on a journey towards permanent residency in Australia requires strategic course selection and a clear understanding of the immigration process. The top 10 courses outlined here not only promise PR but also offer exciting career opportunities. However, it’s essential to approach the process with diligence and seek professional guidance to navigate potential challenges.

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