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January 16, 2024

Study in New Zealand: Complete Guide for International Students


Do you intend to pursue a degree in New Zealand? You’re in the proper position to begin this amazing journey, then! You will encounter students from around the globe while studying in New Zealand. Because of its remote location, New Zealand is considered an unusual travel destination by most people. It’s a nation with an incredible natural setting, a distinct culture, and countless opportunities for sports and adventures. Furthermore, due to its exceptional quality and global perspective, New Zealand education is acknowledged globally.

Education system in New Zealand

Since New Zealand used to be a British dominion, its higher education system is very similar to that of the UK. This means that degrees acquired in New Zealand can often be easily transferred to institutions in both the UK and Australia. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) requires all educational establishments that grant degrees to be certified.


In New Zealand, there are four types of higher education institutions:

  • Colleges 
  • Universities
  • Private Training Providers
  • Polytechnics and Institute of technology

Academic Levels

All of the standard academic levels can be pursued in New Zealand like

  1. Undergraduate (bachelor’s)
  2. Postgraduate (master’s)
  3. Doctorate (PhD) 

There are ways to earn specialized degrees, like Graduate Diplomas and Honors. Studies of this kind typically span a year.

Student Visa and Permits

You will need a confirmation letter confirming your acceptance into a NZQA-accredited course and your payment of the required fees in order to be eligible for a student visa. Included in this paperwork needs to be:

  • The course name and the amount of time needed to finish it in the minimum
  • Evidence that the programme and the provider of the course fulfill New Zealand’s standards for overseas students
  • Evidence showing you have paid the entire course cost or, if the course lasts longer than a year, the first yearly charge
  • If you must pay course fees, and if so, at what rate—the higher international cost or the lower local rate
  • Whether you are enrolled in classes full- or part-time

The application process for the university itself could take many months if you need your prior qualifications evaluated. You will also need to provide transcripts, proof of sufficient finances to support yourself throughout your studies, and a passport that is valid for at least three months after your departure date.

Application Process

How the Application Process works

In New Zealand, you submit your application for higher education directly to the school or schools that you wish to attend. You will have to:

  1. Fill out the appropriate application. Although a lot of institutions allow you to do this online, you will still need to submit your application together with supporting documentation via mail or courier. Recall that your diplomas and grades may require approved translations.
  2. The university will send you a letter with start dates, course specifics, and a tuition invoice if you are accepted into the programme. This letter is required when you apply for a student visa.
  3. Following payment of the fees, a confirmation letter will be sent to you. This is also required for the application for a visa.
  4. Once your trip, visa, and money are all arranged, get in touch with the university to arrange for housing and airport pickup.

Tuition Fee and Scholarships

In New Zealand, the cost of a higher education programme is fixed at $2,000 every academic year. When it comes to other wealthy nations, New Zealand has comparatively modest fees.

  • The annual cost of tuition for undergraduate studies can range from NZ$22,000–$32,000 (US$16,000–$23,000). Depending on your course, costs change.
  • The annual cost of postgraduate education can range from NZ$26,000–$37,000 (US$19,000–$27,000).
  • In much of New Zealand, annual living expenses typically total at least $15,000 (US$11,000).


New Zealand is the place to go if you want to live in a safe, tranquil nation with lots of adventure. It has a good standard of living. A fantastic outdoor lifestyle that blends well with the multicultural atmosphere of New Zealand is available. New Zealand embodies all things travel-lustful, offering a diverse spectrum of natural scenery from erupting volcanoes and snow-capped mountains to rolling green hills, golden beaches, and lush rainforests. Every student who lives here has the opportunity to fully enjoy both the natural beauty and a diverse culture. Because of this, individuals from New Zealand, sometimes referred to as Kiwis, are among the happiest in the world.

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