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September 4, 2023


To obtain an Australian police check for immigration purposes, it’s crucial to follow the correct process to ensure that you receive an official police clearance accepted by immigration authorities. Here are the steps to apply for an Australian Federal National Police Check:

  1. Determine the Need: Before applying, ensure you know which visa category requires a police check. Common visas that may require a police check include Graduate Visas (485), Employer Sponsored Visas, Partner Visas, and Skilled Visas.
  2. Avoid Generic Searches: Avoid searching “Australian police check” online and choosing the first option you see. It’s important to apply for the specific police check required by immigration.
  3. Don’t Visit Local Police Stations: Local police stations only provide state-level police checks, which may not meet immigration requirements. You need a national police check.
  4. Cost: The cost for an Australian Federal National Police Check is currently $42.
  5. Online Application: Apply for the police clearance online using the official website provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Here is the link: Australian Federal Police National Police Check Application
  6. Identity Verification: During the application process, you will need to provide 100 points of identification (ID). Ensure you have clear scans or copies of these documents ready. Common forms of ID include:
    • Passport
    • Bank card
    • Bank statement
    • Lease agreement
    • Birth certificate
  7. Complete the Application: Follow the instructions on the AFP’s website to complete the application form. Provide accurate information and attach the necessary ID documents as specified.
  8. Payment: Pay the required fee of $42 as part of the online application process. Ensure you use a secure payment method.
  9. Processing Time: Wait for the processing of your police check. Processing times can vary, so check the AFP website for estimated processing times.
  10. Receive the Police Clearance: Once your police check is processed, you will receive the clearance certificate. Keep this document as it may be required for your visa application.

Remember to check the specific immigration requirements for your visa category and ensure you apply for the correct type of police check. Following the official process outlined by the Australian Federal Police will help ensure that you receive an accepted and valid police clearance for immigration purposes.

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