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June 11, 2024

VETASSESS Update Alert: Chef and Fitter Skill Assessments Reopen from June 12!

Great news for aspiring migrants aiming to build their careers in Australia! Starting June 12, VETASSESS will reopen applications for skill assessments in the occupations of Chef and Fitter. This is a significant update following the pause on new applications for these roles since September 2023.

What You Need to Know

Why the Pause?

VETASSESS, a prominent skills assessment authority, had temporarily halted new applications for Chefs and Fitters to ensure their processes remained efficient and up-to-date. This pause allowed them to refine their assessment methods and ensure that they meet the highest standards required for Australian migration.

What’s Changing on June 12?

The reopening of these skill assessments means that aspiring Chefs and Fitters can now start their application process. This is a crucial step for those looking to migrate to Australia, as a positive skill assessment is often a prerequisite for visa applications.

Why Migrate as a Chef or Fitter?

High Demand Occupations: Australia has a growing demand for skilled professionals in the culinary and mechanical trades. Chefs and Fitters are highly sought after in various sectors, from hospitality to manufacturing, making these professions attractive for potential migrants.

Career Opportunities: Migrating as a Chef or Fitter opens doors to numerous career opportunities across Australia’s vibrant cities and regions. These roles not only offer competitive salaries but also provide a pathway to long-term residency and career advancement in a supportive and dynamic environment.

How EMK Global Education and Migration Can Help

Navigating the migration process can be complex, but you don’t have to do it alone. EMK Global Education and Migration offers comprehensive support to ensure your skill assessment and migration journey is smooth and successful.

Our Services Include:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our experienced consultants will guide you through every step of the VETASSESS skill assessment process, ensuring you meet all requirements and submit a strong application.
  2. Document Preparation: We’ll assist in gathering and organizing your documents, making sure everything is in order before submission to VETASSESS.
  3. Application Management: From initial consultation to the final submission, we manage your application to avoid any errors or delays.
  4. Follow-up Support: Post-submission, we continue to support you, addressing any queries or additional requirements from VETASSESS.

Get Started Today!

If you’re dreaming of a new life in Australia as a Chef or Fitter, now is the time to act. With the reopening of skill assessments, your pathway to migration is clearer than ever.

Contact EMK Global Education and Migration today to start your skill assessment process. Our dedicated team is here to help you achieve your migration goals and embark on a successful career in Australia.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take the next step towards your Australian dream!

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