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March 20, 2024

The Australian Government recently introduced significant changes to its migration strategy, impacting skilled workers and international students alike. One of the key adjustments involves the cessation of the post-study work visa extension, affecting individuals planning to apply for a student visa in Australia. These alterations signal strategic shifts in Australian policies concerning international students and the education system.

Key Changes to the Post-Study Work Visa Extension:

  1. The post-study work visa extension is set to conclude in mid-2024.
  2. International students completing their graduation after mid-2024 cannot renew their Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) for a two-year extension.
  3. However, international students with Australian qualifications meeting specific study requirements remain eligible for the post-study work stream (Subclass 485).
  4. Graduates before July 2023 can apply for a post-study work extension.
  5. International students enrolled in Australian universities after July 2023 are ineligible for a post-study work extension visa.

Impact on Companies and Immigration Strategies:

The discontinuation of the two-year post-study work visa extension will also affect various companies across Australia, particularly those facing skills shortages. Many industries benefitted from talented graduates under the temporary graduate visa, and this change will significantly impact their workforce planning.

Companies now need to adapt their immigration strategies, focusing on hiring skilled workers regionally or exploring alternative visa options within the country. This shift underscores the importance of staying updated on legislative changes and seeking guidance from immigration experts.

What International Students Need to Do:

Given the impact of these changes, international students must reassess their post-study plans and explore alternative pathways to remain in Australia after graduation. Staying informed about evolving rules and regulations is crucial, and seeking advice from immigration lawyers can help navigate Australia’s changing immigration landscape effectively.


In conclusion, while the end of the post-study work visa extension introduces challenges, proactive planning and informed decision-making can help international students and companies adjust to the new realities of Australia’s immigration system.

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