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May 6, 2024

The Australian Government, in collaboration with Jobs and Skills Australia, unveiled its New Migration Strategy on December 11, 2023, marking a significant milestone in reforming the nation’s immigration system. Among the key reforms introduced is the proposal for a comprehensive Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL) for 2024. This proposed list is designed to reflect the evolving demands of Australia’s workforce, addressing crucial aspects of economic development and labor market dynamics.

Purpose and Focus of the Proposed CSOL

The primary focus of the proposed CSOL for 2024 is to identify occupations that are vital for the country’s economic growth. This selection process involves in-depth labor market analysis and extensive discussions with stakeholders. The goal is to ensure that the final CSOL accurately represents the occupations essential to Australia’s development and prosperity.

Engagement and Consultation

One of the key aspects of the CSOL development process is active engagement and consultation with various stakeholders, including migrant workers, job seekers, and industry experts. The government is seeking valuable suggestions and feedback to refine the CSOL and ensure its relevance and effectiveness in meeting the country’s workforce needs.

Structure of the Draft CSOL

The draft CSOL is structured into three distinct categories, each serving a specific purpose in the consultation process:

  1. Draft CSOL Confident On List: This category includes occupations that the JSA Migration Model strongly recommends for inclusion in the CSOL. Stakeholders are encouraged to provide their insights and feedback on these occupations.
  2. Draft CSOL Confident Off List: Here, occupations that the JSA Migration Model recommends excluding from the CSOL are listed. Stakeholders’ opinions on these occupations are also welcomed to ensure a comprehensive review.
  3. Draft CSOL Targeted for Consultation List: Occupations listed under this category are those for which JSA seeks feedback from interested parties before finalizing recommendations. This list encompasses a range of sectors, including trade, accounting, hospitality, and agriculture. Additionally, stakeholders can suggest occupations that are not initially included in the list.

Submission and Feedback Deadline

Stakeholders have until May 31, 2024, to submit their feedback and suggestions regarding the draft CSOL. This feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the final CSOL, ensuring that it aligns with Australia’s workforce priorities and economic objectives.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that the draft CSOL is not the final list. The ultimate CSOL for 2024 may undergo revisions and additions to fulfill Australia’s foreign trade obligations and address emerging workforce challenges. The government’s commitment to transparency and stakeholder engagement underscores its dedication to creating a robust and responsive immigration system that meets the needs of both the country and its migrant workforce.

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