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April 8, 2024

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, it’s essential to understand how to correctly fill out your entry card. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate this process smoothly and avoid any complications.

1. Name on the Entry Card

Ensure that the name you write on the entry card matches exactly with your name as it appears on your passport. Refer to your passport to copy the spelling accurately.

2. Passport Number

Locate your passport number on the top right corner of the page where your photo is displayed. This number is crucial for identification purposes during the entry process.

3. Flight or Ship Details

Write down your flight number or ship name exactly as it appears on your registration card. This information helps authorities track your arrival and departure.

4. Address in Australia

Provide your address in Australia, which can be your hotel, home, or the address of a friend. Write it in English and follow the sequence of house number, street name, area name, and state name.

5. State Abbreviations

Familiarize yourself with the abbreviations for Australian states:

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Northern Territory (NT)
  • Queensland (Qld)
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Victoria (Vic)
  • Tasmania (Tas)
  • Western Australia (WA)

6. Declaration Concerns

If you’re uncertain about whether to declare something, it’s safer to tick the “YES” box. Failure to declare items may lead to penalties, including fines or imprisonment.

7. Contact Information

Provide your local contact number if you don’t have an Australian phone number yet. Also, mention your email or the address where you plan to stay in Australia.

8. Departure Details

Indicate your point of departure accurately. If you’re from Hong Kong, write “Hong Kong.” If you’re transiting through another country, mention that country’s name. For domestic flights within Australia, specify accordingly.

9. Occupation Details

State your occupation clearly, whether you’re a manager, student, retiree, or have another profession. This information helps authorities understand the purpose of your visit.

10. Emergency Contact

Provide the details of an emergency contact in China, including their name, email, phone number, and/or mailing address. Ensure it’s someone reliable and easily reachable.

11. Purpose of Visit

Depending on your reason for visiting Australia, provide specific details about your visit. You can also tentatively mention the length of your stay in part B of the entry card.

12. Signature Matching

Ensure that your signature on the entry card matches the signature on your passport. If your passport is in Chinese, sign the entry card in Chinese as well.

13. Date Mention

Don’t forget to mention the date on which you’re filling out the entry card.

Important Reminders

  • The entry card must be filled out in English, both front and back.
  • Always use a blue or black pen for clarity and legibility.

If you require assistance with state sponsorship or other visa-related matters, consider scheduling an appointment with an immigration consultant for expert guidance and support.

By following these guidelines, you’ll streamline the entry process and ensure a hassle-free experience during your visit to Australia.

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