Auto 16% scholarship for onshore students

The Australian College of Technology and Management (ATMC) is well known for its affordable tuition fees, good quality education, and high employment opportunities.

ATMC also associated with two major universities in Australia:

– Federation University Australia (FedUni) – The oldest university with the third-largest platform in Australia
– University of Sunshine Coast (USC) – The school is in the top 2% of prestigious universities in the world.

Location: The University has 2 campuses in Melbourne, Sydney.

 The college provides excellence in Education through its Academic support system, which ensures that students are satisfied, confident in their expertise and internationally recognized qualifications. The school trains students focusing on quality majors has the opportunity to be admitted to famous corporations and companies in the world.

The Campus Of Sunshine Coast University

Courses: Training programs are always hot, such as IT, Business, Finance, and Accounting for all programs from college, bachelor to master.

  • The program associated with the Federation University Australia
  • Courses in Business :
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Diploma of Management
    • Diploma of Professional Accounting
    • Master of Business Admission
    • Master of Business Admission (Health Sevice Management)
    • Master of Profession Accounting.
  • Courses in IT:
    • Bachelor of Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Bachelor of Information Systems)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking and Security)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development)
    • Graduate Diploma of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics)
    • Graduate Diploma of Technology (Software Engineering)
    • Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics)
    • Master of Technology (Software Engineering)
  • The program associated with the University of Sunshine Coast Business, IT & Tourism
    • Bachelor of Business
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
    • Bachelor of Information & Communications Technology
    • Master of Information & Communications Technology
    • Master of Professional Accounting

4. Tuition Fees: 24,000 – 28,000 AUD / year

Scholarships: RECEIVE IMMEDIATE SCHOLARSHIP 1️⃣6️⃣% of all disciplines for the first year.

Other Scholarships:

  • Bachelor: 2,000 AUD
  • Master: 1,500 AUD
  • Diploma: 1,000 AUD

Note: Scholarships and incentives do not apply to Professional Year Program students, as well as to ELICOS / EAP students