Scholarship – The Course Business in the SP Jain up to 90%

Highlights Of SP Jain High School and Special Scholarship Up to 90%

SP Jain is famous for being different because all of these courses are taught by lecturers from around the world. All SP Jain full-time students live and study not only in one, but in at least three different cities in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney.

Therefore, in addition to learning different business tools, SP Jain students understand the global nature of business in the most compelling way – through practical contact with diverse cultures, political beliefs, traditions, and technological innovation by exposing cultures from countries through a multi-school learning model.

The associative nature of business and finance is influenced and influenced by the culture, consumer preferences and technological maturity of business decisions. You may even succeed in your own country but miserably fail in another country if you do not understand business practices.

  • SPJ has 4 campuses: Sydney, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai.
  • Singapore campus has a large and beautiful private campus, SP Jain students in Singapore are able to work overtime 16 hours/week, 40 hours/week holidays, a big advantage compared to other private schools, students are not allowed to work overtime.
  • There are 75% auto scholarships, highest 90%, scholarship not yet required IELTS, for IELTS debt enough program input and then added later.
  • The school is famous for its MBA, Forbes World Top 15 voted 1 year MBA program.
  • Graduate:
    Students choose to study between campuses: Sydney-Singapore or Singapore-Sydney. (Usually, students choose the first 1-2 years in Singapore and then go to Australia)
    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Bachelor of Data Science
  • Post Graduate:
     Students study between campuses: Dubai-Sydney-Singapore or Singapore-Sydney-Dubai. (4-5 months basis)
    Master of Global Busines: 16 months, 0-3 years of experience
    Global MBA: 12 months, 3+ years of experience
  • Due to the epidemic of the Master’s course in May 2020, it will be moved to 06/2020, giving students more time to practice IETLS & review the Aptitude Test.
  • Deadline for scholarship application: NOW


  • The percentage (%) of scholarships will be higher for students who apply for scholarships first.
  • Apply online for a scholarship with the cost of 0 VND (from the period of online application to the stage of knowing how much% of the scholarship you receive, there is still no cost 1 VND)
  • When students know early whether or not they achieve the scholarship and achieve how much% will be determined to practice higher IELTS and have more time to prepare study records, financial records.

APPLY for scholarship:

  • University transcript (until 1st semester of University Year 4, HK 2 added later),
  • University degree (or if you do not have a degree, add it later),
  • Degree 3
  • High school transcript

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