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General information
The Australian Institution of Higher Education (AIH) is a private, high-quality, private institution of higher education that specializes in undergraduate study in Business, Accounting, and Business Information Systems. The modern campus is located in the heart of Sydney city with a system of classrooms, libraries, and infrastructure equipped with the most advanced system equipment to meet the needs of students. develop yourself in accordance with each discipline.

  • Why should you choose AIH?
    • Connection to the actual school:
    ➢ Courses and subjects designed by experts in each field.
    ➢ Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business Information Systems is designed to reflect the quality and requirements of experts and the actual needs of the market.
    ➢ The Bachelor of Business course is designed to reflect current technology, standards and needs of the market, and the global economy.
    ➢ What is special about the structure of courses is that the subjects where students will be able to explore case studies to research and visit real companies.
    • Individualized education
    ➢ Teaching and learning will take place proactively and directly
    ➢ Classes in the auditorium and in separate classes are arranged in classes lasting 3 hours per week for each subject. Both classrooms in lecture halls and private classrooms will not exceed 50 students in each class.
    • Cultural connection
    ➢ Courses and subjects that incorporate responsibilities, discipline, management, differences in corporate culture, and social responsibility
    ➢ Students will learn that businesses and markets need to be socially responsive to cultural, environmental and ethical needs based on the views of each stakeholder.
    ➢ Students will learn about the different pressures facing different markets, countries, and regions.
    • School staff support international students from different academic, financial, and personal needs cultures.
  • Curriculum and tuition:
    AIH training undergraduate courses (3 years):
    • Bachelor of Business
    • Bachelor of Accounting
    • Bachelor of Business Information Systems:
  • Diploma of Business Information Systems (1 year)
  • Associate Degree in Business Information Systems (2 years)

3. Tuition fees & Scholarship:

  • Women in STEM Scholarship for July 2020 Intake in Bachelor of Business Information systems $6,000 per trimester | July 2020 intake only
  • The following will be in place for Trimester 2 onshore enrolments and continuing students:
  • Discounted “bursary” pricing will continue to be extended for all intakes during 2020
  • Extending the Women in STEM Scholarship for the BBIS to all intakes during 2020. These students can obtain a CoE for $1,500 + $250 enrolment fee.
  • Commencing students can obtain a CoE by paying only one unit deposit plus the enrolment fee. For onshore bursary students this equates to $1,600 + $250 ($1,850)
  • If continuing students pay their fees in full prior to commencement of July 2020 they will receive a 5% discount
  • Commencing and continuing students will qualify for a generous payment plan:
    • 25% or 1 unit in fees prior to commencement of trimester on Monday 13 July
    • 25% or 1 unit payable by Friday 31 July (end of week 3)
    • 25% or 1 unit payable by Friday 21 August (end of week 6)
    • 25% or 1 unit payable by Friday 11 September (end of week 9)

4. Admission period: March, July, and November

5. Entry requirements:
• IELTS 6.0 (no skill below 5.5)
• High school diploma.

NOTE: If the student does not meet the English entry requirements, he/she will take the school’s test.