Reasons to Study in Poland

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world

And according to my research, New Zealand has an extremely unique biodiversity, with a lack of killer, giant insects. (Which is always a good thing, unless you’re into that).

Rugby is to New Zealand as football is to America

Who plays such an intense sport? Especially with a lack of padding! Although I’ll be the first one to admit, rugby is extremely confusing at first. But the best way to learn is to step on the pitch, ruck for possession, get in the scrum, or run the ball into the try zone.

New Zealand is extremely progressive in terms of sustainability

As an environmental science major this is a HUGE deal-maker. I will definitely use the sustainable practices I learn abroad back home and share them with my fellow ECO (environmental campus outreach) club members. GO GREEN OR GO HOME!

Lower tuition fees & lots of scholarships

While New Zealand’s education system is based heavily on the British one, it comes at a lower cost. Tuition fees for a year tend to cost around NZ$20,000, or just under £10,000. That should leave you with a little more money to have fun with!

Natural beauty

Now NZ is getting into the really fun stuff. New Zealand is simply one of the world’s most celebrated countries in terms of natural beauty. It was famously used as the shooting location for the Lord of The Rings films series, so dramatic are its open spaces and rugged countryside. It’s got snow as well as sunshine, a beautiful coastline, epic mountain ranges and rolling vineyards. Indeed, a stay in New Zealand isn’t considered complete until you’ve taken a road trip through these incredible landscapes in a camper van! Essentially, it’s a perfec

A fantastic culture

New Zealand has a rich cultural heritage, a meeting point of British influenced Western ways and traditional culture of the indigenous Māori people, who have their own language and mythology. In New Zealand today, you’ll often see Māori culture presented in arts, crafts, as well cooking.

A warm welcome & a safe experience

But don’t let the Haka intimidate you (unless you’re planning to rugby tackle someone). New Zealanders, or Kiwis, are known as some of the coolest, most laid-back and friendly people on the planet. In fact, a 2015 survey by New Zealand’s immigration department revealed that a huge 90% of foreigners in the country considered the people to be very friendly, and highlighted this as a major reason for settling in easily.

A world class education

Every single university in New Zealand is included in the QS World Rankings. Every. Single. One of them. As a country, New Zealand has spent the recent past pouring resources into their education system, using a similar but equally accredited system to the British one, and it’s already begun to pay off: The University of Auckland is ranked in the QS world top 100, the Victoria University of Wellington is in the top 1% across 19 different subject areas, while the University of Waikato in Hamilton is ranked 72nd in the world, and number 1 in New Zealand for its research impact and quality.