Cities that are worth living and studying in Australia

Worth living and studying cities in Australia

Studying in Australia is being favoured by international students thanks to the preferential visa policy, and the world’s best quality training. Every international student wishes to live and work in a developed economy with an income of thousands of dollars a month.

Because every year Australia regulates a certain number of immigrants, choosing a place far from the centre and sparsely populated with overseas students will improve your chances of settling down. According to the Department of immigration Australia, areas that are not populated, with slow population growth in states are Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin …

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Adelaide, South Australia

This is the 5th largest city in Australia and the 3rd largest university city (after Sydney and Melbourne), as well as ranking 5th place among worth living cities in the world (2014 Global Liveability Ranking – The Economist Intelligence) . The city of Adelaide has many favourable conditions and is prioritized by the South Australian government in educational development. Famous universities in Adelaide:

  • University of Adelaide
  • Flinders University
  • University of South Australia.

In addition, while the quality of training is evaluated as equal with other Cities in Australia, Adelaide offers a much lower cost of living, particularly 25% cheaper than Sydney and Melbourne and 11 % lower than Perth and Brisbane. For those who will live and study based on scholarship in Australia and need to find a place where you can save the maximum cost, Adelaide will be the ideal choice.

Canberra City

Chosen as the capital of Australia in 1908 based on an agreement between the two largest cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Compared to the whole country, the population here is young, the unemployment rate is very low, the average income is higher than other regions and the education level is relatively high. Canberra City is in the top 50 of the best cities in the world for students according to the QS Best Student Cities 2015 ranking.

Currently, the city presents major universities:

  • Canberra University (CU),
  • Australian National University.

Hobart city of Tasmania

Hobart is a naturally beautiful city, the capital of the state of Tasmania and is Australia’s cheapest city for university and college students. Although having only one university as University of Tasmania, it offers a wide range of courses from basic to advanced, with campuses across the state and dormitories accommodating 20,000 students.

At the University of Tasmania, one-fifth is international students, teaching and researching program follow international standard; and after graduate students have high employment rates.

Darwin in Northern Territory state

As the capital of the Northern Territory, a sparsely populated place in Australia, Darwin has grown to being one of Australia’s multicultural cities, an ideal destination for Asian students. Darwin city has only Charles Darwin University specializing in postgraduate courses. Charles Darwin University has four campuses throughout the Northern Territory.

Like most Australian Universities, Charles Darwin University has a global reputation for its research quality, an attractive option for those who want to study postgraduate courses.